Disrupted Spirits/Cyberboard Gamebox

From: buserian_at_juno.com <buserian>
Date: Sat Jun 9 18:55:39 2007

Howdy All!

Now that Mr. W. has clarified his house rule for me, I do find it to be worth looking at more closely. I really do like how Missile Combat and Spirit Combat become much more important to soften up the troops, an issue that was addressed a long time ago in an early issue of Wyrms Footnotes, at least by inference.

> > Also, makes Missile Combat MUCH more
> > important, since that is a great way to soften up the troops for
melee by
> > disrupting as many of them as possible before the cavalry charge.

> Similarly Spirit Combat, as we play that the same way (i.e. just
> at first). This rule produces a lot more disrupted units, which I like.

> Worrying about moving them away from enemy stacks adds another
> which feels like troop morale and seems realistic to me (although I

Yes, I think it does enhance this. Not sure how well it would work with Retreat and Forced Retreat rules, which seem to be more easily dealt with the other way (that is, a unit might be given an option to Retreat and be Disrupted rather than being Eliminated), but seeing how well balanced it is would be the best thing to do right now.

> nothing about such things, in reality). I also like it because, as a
> long-time roleplayer, I appreciate the 'stories' of the individual
units -
> which can be more heroic if they are more able to survive. Those Ducks
> get better and better. Beat-Pot, beware!



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