Hmmmm... (about rune dice)

From: <buserian>
Date: Sun Jun 17 00:11:31 2007

Of course, as I hit the "Send" button on that last message, I began to wonder whether all the rune dice had to be d6, or if I could perhaps do d8, d10, etc. So, a d10 for the Powers, a d8 for the Conditions, etc. Makes me wonder, now...


Oh, wait!! On the subject of "rune dice"! A friend of mine, famous and extraordinary HeroQuest artist Greg Walsh, has designed (and is selling) "Digital Dice", an electronic dice roller. It will roll almost any type of die, or common combination of dice, imaginable, including d100, 1d6 up to 10d6, 1d10 to 10d10, 3h6 (roll 4d6 and drop the lowest one, perfect for D&D), etc. Anyone interested should contact Greg at his web site, since although Chessex is selling them, they apparently have not put them on their web site (no wonder sales are bad)! So, go to:



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