Is Chris Ward there, too?

From: chris ward <cw67q>
Date: Wed Jun 20 14:56:10 2007

Hi Steve,    

  I'm here, just quite quiet these days, not as much time for playing on the web.    

  I just got your note about the Lunars this morning too, I'm afraid I have no idea where the notes are. We have moved house in the last year and lots of stuff got thrown out. In the unlikley event they ever turn up in one of the storage boxes in the attic, I'll let you know.        

  I'll have to run, my pc has been taken away to have the hard drive replaced, I've just borrowed a colleagues for a few minutes.    

  I've enjoyed reading the recent spate of messages, but not really had the time to add anything.    

  Best wishes - Chris    

  (Daniel, did you get the move I sent in Friday ok?) wrote:
  Hey, anyone know how to get in touch with Chris Ward?



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