Re: glorantha-board Digest, Vol 3, Issue 46

From: RQ Subs <rqsubs>
Date: Wed Jul 18 11:35:01 2007


> Which reminds me, I am sure i have asked before, but does the Dwarf
> require a roll on the Emissary Table, or does the Gifts table replace the
> normal allying process?

I just got Dragon Pass a few weeks ago, and I agree the Dwarf write-up is ambiguous. my gut instinct is that there are 2 rolls. my reasoning is that if it is one roll, then it's very very easy to get gifts from the Dwarf ! i.e. for every other Minor Independent, a 1 or a 2 results in the unit and every unit stacked with him being eliminated, but if there is no seperate Emissary roll for the Dwarf, there is only a 17% chance of death, while for other Minor Independents there is usually at least a 33% chance of death. Is the Dwarf super-friendly ?? I know this list has been around for a log time though, and I'd be curious to hear what the consensus opinion on things like that are ...

also, ROADS ... do they continue in hexes with town/stockade/fortress, or do they stop before that hex. my feeling is that they continue, as each hex covers some miles of distance, the town/stockade/fortress only take up a small fraction of that distance, and the rules say that moving ALONG a road is equivalent to ?if a road crosses the hexside between the two hexes? [ 6.1.2] ... well, the road *does* cross the hexSIDE into and out of hexes with towns/stockade/fortresses. but again, I'm curious about the consensus on this among long-time players of Dragon Pass ?

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