Vedr. Re: And turn and turn and (Graham Robinson)

From: Trifletraxor <sverrelarne>
Date: Mon Sep 3 10:05:26 2007

Go ahead Simon! We're all just waiting for someone to take the responsibility! ;-)    

  SGL.        Simon Phipp <> skrev:

              Graham Robinson:
  > I'm shortly going to be closing down this list. Partly this is due to
> my whole "I don't do Glorantha anymore" life choice, and partly it's
> because I'm moving rpglist to a new server, and I'm not moving lists
> I don't intend to keep running. If someone wants to take over running
> the list, I can provide them a copy of the subscriber list, and the
> archives will remain available for the forseeable future, but new
> posts will only be allowed for another week or two.

  Ah well, thanks for running the list for so long for free.    

  Time to move to Yahoo Groups, or some discussion board, then.    

  Anyone got any ideas where to move it to? Yahoo Groups would be my choice, simply because it is easy to set up and administer and it's free.    

  I don't mind setting one up and moderating it, if nobody else wants to.    

  See Ya    


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