Re: new list, and Dragon PAss rules discussion imminent (!)

From: chris ward <cw67q>
Date: Tue Sep 4 14:38:25 2007

Hello everyone,    

  I've also had a problem logging onto the new group.    

  On a more upbeat note, I've just recieved an email from someone asking about Dragon Pass, wishing to discuss the rules in detail and attaching summary documents that they have made of the DP rules.    

  I've suggested that the new group would be the best place to discuss this (and that there are much better qualified commentators than myself). I've copied the last message from Simon with the relevant details of the new group to this guy. I don't want to forward his original message to the group until he gives me the go ahead, and in any case the new list may be up and running soon, and it'd make sense to have the discussion there.    

  Daniel, I also mentioned the PBEM Nomad Gods game, and passed on your contact details, I hope this was ok. And on the PBEM, apologies for taking so long to get in touch I'll try and sendsomething soon.    

  Best wishes - Chris        

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