'Newt Tatoos

From: Allan Henderson <allan_at_chem.gla.ac.uk>
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 1996 11:28:04 +0100

IMHO dragonewts don't use magical tatoos. The body mutilation and modification I can believe both for ritual and practical reasons. The tatooing doen't ring true however as you can't take the tatoo with you when you reincarnate. In RQ II, (can't remember the supplement) there is a magical item based on dragonnewt skin armour, but it points out that the newt will chase the current owner to the ends ot the earth to recover the skin. I believe that the same will be true of the tatoo. I believe that Dragonnewts are more prone to enchant objects i.e. a klanth that continues with a dragonewt throught its existance rather than a temporary object like a body. After all doen't a dragonewt using magic inhibit its spiritual growth, so dragonnewt will use magic very sparingly and will not enchant a new body everytime it is reborn.

Just my 1/50th $


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