From: David Cake <davidc_at_cs.uwa.edu.au>
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 09:27:44 +0800

>"Gbaji was an evil spirit from the West who came to us first as a friend,
>then as an enemy. He tricked his way amongst us and was taken into rebirth.
>With his iron teeth and adamant claws, he gnawed and tore his way out of the
>Primal Womb, damaging Korasting forever more."
>These trolls do not worship Arkat, by the way.

        A cool idea except.... the Curse of Kin occurred significantly before Arkat became involved with things trollish (more than 50 years). Most humans believe that Nysalor either was a good guy or made people believe he was a good guy initially, which leaves a lot of room for ambiguity, but as the Curse of Kin was almost his first act, I don't think many trolls have any ambiguity about him. (of course, this doesn't counteract the human belief - cursing a scary human eating race is not considered evil by most folks). Trolls hate Nysalor NOT because they believe he is Gbaji - he didn't fool many trolls for long. They hate him because he is D'Wargon, the womb-biter.

        If there are trolls that believe it, whoever sold them that story could sell ice to snow trolls.




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