Top Ten Things That Are Not From Saird

From: Jeff Richard <>
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 1996 20:21:08 -0700

Howdy all,

        Some time ago, David Dunham, Dave Pearton, Pam Carlson and I were sitting around the gaming table discussing the latest Harald Smith info on Saird, that lovely land of the Alkothi and the Berenthelli. After discovering that the Lightbringer's Quest, Ernalda and hosts of other things seemed to have originated in Saird, we decided to come up with a List of Things That Are Not From Saird. Here it goes [drum roll]:

  1. Sacred Time
  2. Carmanians
  3. The Only Old One
  4. The Brithini and the Vadeli
  5. The Block
  6. Sir Ethilrist's Black Horse (it's a special non-Sairdite horse)
  7. The Serpent Kings of Seshnela
  8. The Maidstone Archers
  9. Grandpa the Catfish
  10. That's it - everything else in Genertela is originated or influenced beyond recognition by the Secret Center of Glorantha - Saird.

Yours truly,

Jeff Richard

End of Glorantha Digest V3 #24

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