A dry, white season with few blank lines

From: Erik Sieurin <BV9521_at_utb.hb.se>
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 1996 17:29:13 +0100

Michael R:
> Erik (who has forgotten the importance of blank lines):
After counting the length of my paragraphs, I don't agree one bit, Michael, so you'll have to bear with me.  

> As Glorantha is primarily a game setting, i want to keep things like
> seasons pretty simple. If i would have to come up with a new way of
> conceptualizing the year cycle it would take too much time from everything
> else.

Hrm, let me say it like this: "season" is the English word fo our "arstid", but it is sometimes used in other ways, basically to delineate "large part of the year that it's not a month". (I'm not supposing you don't know this, I'm just trying to make myself clearer) There ARE major changes in weather patterns etc, and they are given in published rules (tho probably only relevant for some parts of the world).

> I am used to thinking in four seasons, so that's the way i think of the
> Gloranthan year. That said, what are the seven seasons of our samer?
I've forgot, but I'll check it up. (I'll been away for some time, and my mailer has been clogged).  

> What i meant was whether the Runic Calendar *causes* the year, or if it is
> merely a(n arbitrary) description of the make-up of the year. The use of
> the word 'arbitrary' signifies that the description is one of many possible
> descriptions, not that it doesn't correlate with the seasonal progression.
Ah. I interpret arbitrary as "mad up on the spot" or something like that, which caused my comments. It's certain just one of many possible (and correct) ways of dividing the year, but I'm leery of introducing another to the "classical" Gloranthan areas of Dragon Pass and environs.

I usually solve the "cultural variety" thing by saying that what is stated is the "truth" in the classical areas, if it can at all be applied to them. Orlanth and Issaries may be damn different in Umathela, but I can safely throw any book to my players playing characters in southern Sartar and say "read this". That doesn't mean MORE details would be most wanted...... please continue to post ideas.

Erik Sieurin

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