From: David Cake <>
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 1997 21:34:35 -0800

>Is it possible to remain a devout Orlanthi while enjoying the benefits and
>luxuries of Lunar citizenship?

        I think that there are whole countries full of devout Orlanthi who are counted as Citizen Foreigners (true Lunar Citizenship is a lot harder - but being CF carries most of the important benefits).

> I've always felt that to be an actual Lunar _citizen_ you need to be an
>initiate of a Lunar cult.

        Citizenship of the Empire does not require you to be an initiate of a Lunar cult.

        Its important to understand that the vast majority of the citizenry to not worship Lunar cults, or even Yelmic ones for that matter. They worship much more practical, nurturing deities, like Lodril and Oria, or Oslira, who provide real benefits of initiation to farmers. There cults acknowledge Yelm and the Lunar cults as rulers, but don't know or want to know about Yelmic or Lunar secrets and lore.

        So if becoming a Lunar citizen required membership in a Lunar cult, then the vast majority of inhabitants of the Empire would not be citizens, which would be a very different idea of Citizenship.

        I think becoming a true Citizen is quite hard if not born into a good Lunar family. Its unclear whether the old Dara Happan citizenship rules are still in effect, but if they are the vast majority of Lunars would be either Citizen Foreigners or Dekdari (Half Citizens). The difference between being a Dekdari and a full citizen is property ownership. I think when people talk about Lunar citizenship, though, they are actually talking about becoming a citizen foreigner rather than a citizen.

        Hopefully Greg will eventually clear up the contradictory info.



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