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Date: Tue, 1 Jul 1997 19:19:51 +0000

Richard Melvin coins a new (and very worrying!) word:
>Subject: Janed

Re. Argrath's summoning of the Brown Dragon:
>All I can say in my defense is that she may be historically correct, but
>my version is mythically correct, and I'll only believe otherwise when
>_she_ manages to summon a dragon...

He is of course absolutely correct. Mythically, ie. from a viewpoint so far in the future that the events of 1625 are myth, it is generally believed that it was Argrath who summoned the Dragon. History has been changed. And without benefit of HQ, either (unless some of my wilder theories turn out to have some truth behind them): just the great magical power of Propaganda.

Is this something that should be added into our theories of magical support for HQs, and the effect of support on Traits? If you want to do a HQ for which you will need a Valour of 25+, you don't need to go out and do brave (read: suicidal) things. What you need to do is hire some good bards, and send them round to the chaps you're going to be using as support. Get them convinced of your heroic bravery (watch out for those Truth cultists!) and the heroplane is your mollusc of choice.

Note that according to the "Report on the Orlanthi" in KoS, bards are high status: just below Thanes, and above Weaponthanes. This could explain why.

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