Eurmal Quoter.

From: Alex Ferguson <>
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 1997 14:26:21 +0100 (BST)

David Cake quotes Mysterious Unknown Sources(*):
> [Eurmal uses Seducer aspect on the Lightbringer quest]
> > There's also "when everyone had been lost, he found
> >them and brought them together again", though I don't know enough about
> >Eurmal to assign this to an Aspect.

Obviously, it's Eurmal Party Organiser. "Lhankor, shindig at your place! Issaries, you get the nibblies, and Orlanth, play something with a bit of a beat to it on them pipes of yours. Flesh Man, scare up some women; Ginna, lay on a Jar or two of booze. Chalana, if you're looking for me later, I'll be being sick in the toilet."

> >> So I think the seducer aspect of Eurmal is worshipped, if somewhat
> >> grudgingly,
> >Why grudgingly?
> Grudgingly when its your wife the damn Trickster seduced!

Isn't that Eurmal Adulterer, then? I'd say that the "grudging" part of the worship of Eurmal Seducer is likely to do with the fact that it's _Trickster_, after all.

(*) Actually Jane Williams, but significant back-tracking is needed to work this out...

JW, elsewhere, on being unable to quote the Digest directly:
> This may encourage me to split my missives by subject rather than
> by digest number, which is probably a Good Thing [...]

I think it is indeed a Good Thing, but it sounds a tiresome way to have to do it. In fact, I can testify to this, from occassional instances of doing it this way myself. As is having to quote a whole Digest, then edit most of it out. The solution? Undigesters! That way you:

	o  Get to care not one fig about the size of Digests (unless
	   they were _so_ big they made your mailbox blow up before
	   the undigester worked on 'em)

	o  Can read, and reply individually to each message without
	   recourse to frantic page-down past screeds of spam on [insert
	   name of topic of least personal interest to you], and quote

	o  And when you do reply, you'll get a (hopefully) meaningful
	   Re: [blah] subject line by default, as opposed to the less
	   than specific one you'd get reply to a whole digest.

Unsolictedly endorsed,

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