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Hi all

James Turner asked some questions about Yelmalio.

KoS is full of Orlanthi propaganda.
The Orlanthi are the most courageous people in Glorantha, so they were the first to resettle Dragon Pass. That is why they tell the story about how Centaurs were transformed into the Grazers. Sky worshipers cannot be more courageous than Orlanthi. In fact the Grazer nation is the Pure Horse nation that was expelled from Prax and came into Dragon Pass long before the Orlanthi dared to even think about going through the line of crosses.

The Orlanthi are the best wariors and their tactics are the bests available. When Tarkalor decided to make war to the Kitori, he knew that it meant to fight troll wariors during the night with wariors who like individual fights. The problem is that a dark troll is stronger and heavier than a human, he usually wins such a fight. Great trolls are even worse. I don't even speak of the giant insects that the trolls use in battle, and I don't even consider the fact that humans see less in the dark than trolls.
The Red Emperor would have been happy to lend some line regiments to help his neighbour, but this option was not considered <g>. So Tarkalor went to Prax to hire mercenaries. He hired the Sun Dome Templars, who know how to fight trolls wether it is day or night. Some Elmali clans were revolting, and they served as support to the phalanx, their men may even have been trained as hoplites. (besides Yelmalio as a god of rebellion has its MGF <g>)
As usual, Tarkalor did not have enough gold to pay his mercenaries, so he paid in land, and the Sun Dome temple of Dragon Pass was resettled by Yelmalio worshipers.
It is then that it was discovered that Elmal worshipers are Yelmalio worshipers.

IMO Yelmalio is either the rays that come from Yelm's eyes and summon the gods of the land to the emperor (as in the picture on the Gods' wall, or the cover of TFS) or the Master of Brilliance (one of the sons of Yelm).

When emperor Khordavu expelled the nomads from Dara Happa, he had to make war on three fronts. The nomads in the east, the Rebel Gods worshipers in the south and the trolls near Yolp Mountains and the Blue Moon Plateau. Fortunately Arinsor Clearmind, high priest of the Master of Brilliance had an idea. His god had magic to fight trolls, and with pike armed phalanxes, the men did not have to touch the monsters.
He convinced the Emperor to create military colonies near the troll lands so that the imperial army could fight against the humans, while the empire was protected from the trolls. In exchange, the Sun County is exempted from many taxes, and the count takes orders only from the emperor and has full autority to rule his land as he sees fit.
Those were the first Sun Dome temples.
There is no Sun Dome temple near the hill of gold because there are no trolls who live near this hill.



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