Free will/apothesis

From: Hasni Mubarak <>
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 1997 21:06:02 -0400

Ok, I'm either going to summarize what I've gotten out of the preceding debate, or I'm making up stuff because I haven't been following it THAT closely:

If Rupert Cloudchaser decides to be a Hero (as opposed to a hero), he will have to do spectaular things on the Heroplane. To cause permanent changes, he will have to expened permanent POW, take risks, and be very VERY lucky.

The POW costs don't necc. have to come from him personally. In fact, he will be more successful if he has a group that is willing to burn POW for him. So, he builds a ring of supporters, and probably spends POW binding them toghethor. If he doesn't, he will be required to spend all the POW personally, and that may get costly.

I suppose there should be a record of how much POW he has floating around Real Glorantha, and how much is spent on the Heroplane. POW that he has tossed off to get Divine Magic, Herogifts, etc, are all on the Heroplane somewhere, trying to anchorhim there. Something on Glorantha should be trying to anchor him down also, but I don't know what that would be. Perhaps it's the power he has put into his ring, or they have put power into his anchor, or it's his home temple. I'm very fuzzy on this. At first, I was thinking that Divinemagic he sacrificed for and stuff would count as "real glorantha" POW, but most people seem to be leaning towards, "Learning Divine magic is a minor quest, and I'm just not going to deal with the details right now."

So, I guess my main question would be, "What anchors a Hero to physical Glorantha?" My second question would be, "Assuming the loss of POW to the Heroplane is the source of apothesis, how much POW needs to be channeled before there is a good risk of not coming back?"

In regards to the Late Pharoh and Moonson, I'd have to say that the thousands of citizens of their respective empires help hold them down to physical Glorantha. Harrek is still around because he has the Wolfpirates holding him down. I don't know about more "loner" Heroes. Perhaps they have devices that they can anchor to. Maybe they enchant Glorantha itself. It would not surprise me in the least if the Godlearners had a sorcery spell that acted as "1 POW per point of intensity. We recomend a 22 intensity before you go seriously muck with the gods."

It might even be as simple as, "Any non-cast divine spell is temporal in nature, and therefore is repelled by the godplane. Don't go there and cast any...or you won't come back."

Rich Ohlson

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