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From: Michael Cule <mikec_at_room3b.demon.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 1997 18:42:24 GMT

First let me deal with Jose's remark that the trolls themselves are maintaining the Trollkin Curse by trying to fix the problem.

While this is clever I think that the evidence seems to be that the KY clergy by and large put the kibosh on further attempts after the last disaster. Am I wrong in this?

I think it might be possible that the Curse is being maintained because Gbaji did something that twists the support that the Trolls give to their gods into the wrong shape: some sort of Divine Judo that uses the opponent's force against him but this is clearly an Exception to the general rule and people seem hostile to those....

Hasni Mubarak (AKA Rich Ohlson) says:

> Well, I believe that is YOUR opinion that multiple trolkin is worse.

And I believe it is the trolls' opinion too. They don't like the whiny little sods except to eat. Otherwise they would not have tried to fix the problem.

But hmmmm, maybe Gbaji is using the Trolls own antropophagy (uzophagy?) against them, dividing their Will on this matter....

> I wonder if you can get to a point where a "truth" is self serving, self
> regulating, and self maintaining? Do the sacred time rituals more or
> less "support truth and reality as it is right now?" And then special
> rituals need to be done to maintain the exceptions to reality, like the
> "We all have perfect hair" or "My clan uses greatswords one handed" or
> "Our family gets +10% to our left handed mace attack" etc.

Yes, that's what I think.

Rich gives a very good summary of how HeroQuesting works.

Let me answer his question about how 'Hero Plane' bouyancy works by saying that I think the magics you gain from worshipping someone else or doing re-creative Quests should have little or no effect on pushing you up out of the Mundane World.

I think that when the POW you have on the HeroPlane maintaining a reality that you created exceeds your normal human POW then you are in danger of being forced from the Mundane World. However, the POW that has been spent via a HeroQuesting Ring is divided among the members of that Ring.

The POW you give up for Rune Magic and recreative Quests does have effects on you, especially pschological effects but I don't think it should affect 'bouyancy' otherwise some really gross RL types would vanish from the Mundane World (and don't some GM's just wish they would....)

When the members of the Ring start to die, as all mortals must, then the person who is the focus of the Ring, the Hero, who also has the burden of the POW which went to create the Ring (which he cannot share) is going to start to accumulate 'bouyancy' and will soon pop out of Mundane Reality whether he likes it or not.

A roll on the Resistance Table (or whatever mechanic seems right) every High Holy Day or Sacred Time when Other World HQ POW exceeds personal POW seems about right.

I don't know about having his cult anchor the Hero the Mundane Plane. In fact I was thinking that as the cult grows it seems likely to force the Hero from the Mundane World more quickly.

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