kitori and ideograms

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Date: Wed, 09 Jul 1997 15:59:19 +1200

David Cake:

>I don't think [the kitori] claimed descent from Arkat - among other
>reasons, I've been very recently informed, much to my surprise, that the
>Kitori were opposed to Arkat (at the time of Varonal Zor, of the Broken

It was mentioned in Lords of Terror where the Kitori took the place of the Trolls after the latter quit the council.

David Weihe:

>Is it certain that Pelandan is ideogrammatic? It seemed to me, when I
>read the Entekosiad, that it would be well represented by a syllabary
>(like an alphabet, but with syllables as the atoms rather than phonemes),
>like Sumerian/Akkadian/Babylonian or Minoan Greek (aka Linear A, I think).

You raise a good point. However I think the syllables themselves are ideograms. Take for example the mountains in the map of Wendaria (p8) and compare to the "Father of Mountains" essay on p44. The basic form is a triangle meaning a mountain. A triangle with a dot inside it represents Turos (or Mount Gestinus in a geographical context). Thus when writing the syllable(s) Turos, the Pelandan draws a triangle with a dot inside it.

If he draws a triangle with a flat line underneath it, then people would interpret that as Ora (or Mount Jernalf). Likewise for the other two mountain sons. The real problem here is that the primal fire mountain which has all five compenents is written with three syllables (ViSaurDaran) instead of one. Hence it appears that the god ViSaurDaran and the Mountain were not one and the same.

Of interest from the philogistical PoV is that Turos's ideogram is the same as the letter 'Y' in the Dara Happan alphabet.

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