From: David Cake <davidc_at_cyllene.uwa.edu.au>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 21:20:47 -0800

> What is current thinking on the Iffinbix cult (of the Pavis city
>magician)? Anyone have versions of the cult writeup available? History
>behind the cult?

        I would not describe it as a 'cult'. I think at one time the city had the post of city magician, and the occupant of that position maintained a staff of lesser magicians (presumably journeyman and apprentices) to assist him in his duties. Religiously, I think they were members of the Pavis cult that also studied different magics - you could call it a sub-cult if you want, but a sub-cult that doesn't grant unique spells and has only ever had a dozen or so members at a time hardly merits the name.

        Currently, I'd say its thought completely extinct, having died out along with the last of the city magicians. Like Champion of Pavis, its a Pavis cult position with no current occupant.

        However, in my game (I don't think any players involved are likely to read this), the city magicians did not actually die, but in desperation ended up turning to dark powers and became vampires. They are the original sources of the Pavis vampires, and some lie sleeping still beneath Blind Kings Hill. A minor repeat of the Delecti scenario (they may well have obtained the knowledge of how to do so from him originally). They have all sorts of strange EWF vampiric things tucked away down there - a centaur, a minotaur, a dwarf Flintnail vampire. There is probably some connection between these vampires and the Dyskund caverns ones, though I'm not quite sure what it is right now.

>Information on these guys is scant at best; I assume that
>sorcery is the dominant magic used, so what is available depends on what
>sorcery rules you adhere to.

        Sorcery, and its not unreasonable that they had some familiarity with EWF magics as well. But not divine magic, other than that available to the Pavis cult. I don't think they had any special sorcery spells (apart from possibly some Mostali techniques learnt from Flintnail). I guess you could discover an old spell book or similar in the Rubble somewhere.

        My PCs attempted to recover some of the old artifacts of the city magician from a crypt, in an effort to use them to buy the allegiance of the adept from Strangers in Prax (whose name escapes me), as they are worried about him using sense projection to give away the location of the Orlanthi rebel temple, and also their hazia crops (different PCs). Unfortunately, the crypt was on Temple Hill, in the heart of troll territory, and they messed up real bad and two of them got captured by the trolls, so they never got to find out much about the magicians fate. But they will eventually.



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