Re: Lunar traps

From: Jane Williams <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 23:37:06 +0000

David Cake adds precision to my ideas:
I said:
> >while we know that Sartar's spirit is "alive, someplace", he may well
> >be in a Lunar trap - a cheaper version of what they used on Treeleaper,
> >Sheng, etc., such as Kallyr saw demoed at close range, courtesy of
> >Fazzur. So he had to be rescued.

and he objected:
> The Lunar hell that Treeleaper is in is exactly the same one as
> Sheng is in (possibly Gerra's Hell of pure suffering).
And that obviously isn't where Sartar is, or where Kallyr went. Or she'd have brought Treeleaper back, since he's an old friend of hers.

> I think its way out of Kallyrs league to go there (and I think you do
> need to go there to bring someone back).
I think I agree, but would point out that the only measure we have of Kallyr's HQ ability is from a document by Denseros. Who, as I may have pointed out now and then, is just a teensy bit biased. (Actually, if rescuing Sartar had required going that far, I think she'd have tried it. And died. Minor points like obvious impossibility don't seem to have put her off too much.)

> The Lunars may well have grabbed Sartars spirit (nice idea,
> though I think it would have been recorded somewhere if they had),
Oh - where? Lunar documents wouldn't have been giving that away, Sartarite ones are either ignorant or biased. Lack of documentation is hardly evidence, in Glorantha.

> but I don't think they stuck it there.
Nor do I. A cheaper, less difficult version, like I said. After all, at the time that trap was done, the Red Emp. had been killed (or something!), and their second-string magician was Jareel, age 14. I can quite believe that they tried for a hell-trap and didn't do the full job. And I certainly don't know enough about Hellish geography to be any more precise. Any more informed input is very welcome: does the Ento-wotsit cover this at all?

Jane Williams           

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