slugfest -- Three Whales vs the BigGuts

From: Daniel McCluskey (Volt Computer) <"Daniel>
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 14:00:51 -0700

Hi all!

        I thought that I'd give a touch more info on the "unnamed Troll scenario" that I'll be running Sat (afternoon/evening?) at VictoriaCon.
(SlugFest is just too awful to be a name, but I really havn't come up
with anything else... mebbe the wealthiest troll gets to name the scenario?) Come on over to the Dark Side and enjoy a Taste of the good life.

Who: We are the Three-Whales Clan. A small but wealthy band of Uz, famed for our prowess as whalers, and for our herd of giant slugs.

What: Help mother keep her status and position by maintaining the wealth and glory of our proud family. Embarrass the pathetic and weak BigGut Clan as the craven Enlo that they are. Help our mighty family Eat, Drink, Kill and Breed our way to Glory. Carry on the Mighty Magics of our Mother, or learn the Dark Secrets of hunting the Fabled Black Whale. Of course, you could also be a slug herder, psychotic berzerk, simple fisherman or whinging enlo if you really want to... and mom says its ok.

Where: The Foggy, Damp and Isolated Inlets and Isles of the Pacific NorthWe^B^BEast Coast. Explore the Beautiful wilderness of Koromandol, and notice it's suspicious similitude to the environs of Victoria.

When: Nearly 1000 years after the disasterous Hoomen infection, the betrayal of the Black Sun, and the collapse of Dozaki's NewHome.
(sometime Sat afternoon)

How: Find out where exactly it's all happening (someplace in UVIC ;-) and stop by. You can join in or leave at (nearly) any time, so don't worry about showing up late. (of course, the oldest trolls will likely be the most powerful, so getting in early is good too). All you need is the desire to play, the game should be just as fun for ignorant upworlders as Devoted uzophiles. People who can bring their own paper, dice(d6 & d20), and inspired role-playing will be fondly smiled upon, however.

Why: Because its FUN. Indulge your Trollish side. Smash your enemies, or Feast them into submission. Carefully plot and manouver your way to social supremacy or run screaming and frothing to certain death at the hands(?) of horrible chaos monsters. Devote your life to the good of your clan, or fiendishly manipulate your gullable kinfolk to your own selfish ends. Sacrifice for the Magics to birth to a mighty line of Uzko, or consign yourself to crushing the competition under a horde of mewling slaves. If your character is boring you, pick a young'un and start over. (if there's no more yung'uns, then, well... you've LOST havn't you? ;-)

Best of all, NO ONE HAS TO BE A FARMER!!! (unless you really, really, WANT to, of course... )

NOTE: the game mechanics are still very much experimental, so please be prepared for some occasional rules confusion on my part... The emphasis is very much on player interaction tho, so I won't let my crummy mechanics get in the way of anyones role-playing.


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