Crafty Worming

From: Joerg Baumgartner <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 97 23:51 MET DST

David Dunham takes exception to my:
>> Almost all of Orlanth's myths are about achieving one goal and opening at
>> least one new can of worms.

>Killing Aroka: what new problems are there, once drought is ended and
>Orlanth has a new, loyal friend?

Don't you have any ecological regard for the place where the dragon burst open, and all the contents spilled out? Some time later the Dara Happans gave back (and Daga was lose again). Plus it pissed off the other dragons, not exactly a wise move in Dragon Pass.

>Orlanth and Sofala: what can of worms?

Enmity of the other side's allies.

>Summons of Evil: all worms are burned

Rather the opposite: the worms are called. The killing is left to be done...

>Orlanth the Justice Bringer: only worms I can think of is that Harand and
>Jarani aren't reconciled -- but they didn't start out as friends.

Which leads to internal strife, rather than peace.

>Wooing of Ernalda: OK, he's married, and that brings on a new set of
>problems in human relationships, but that's hardly a new can of worms.

He also gets funny ideas and alienates his family, to the point where he has to fight them in earnest.

And didn't he get her by robbing her from Yelm?

>Since I haven't found a single myth which opens new problems, I'm going to

Orlanth demands recognition.

Orlanth meets Elmal.

Orlanth slays Yelm.

Orlanth slays kin.

Orlanth wounds Gash (or Gore)

Orlanth rules in the case Thed vs. Ragnaglar

Orlanth resurrects Yelm

enough worms for the entire Rightarm Isles to fish through history...

>Do the Orlanthi have a god of crafters? Gustbran is clearly invoked by
>smiths. Iphigios is known in Sylila (and may or may not be Orlanthi), but
>that's all I can think of.

In Sartar that's Wilms. Outside of Sartar, none I can think of. Orlanth the Craftsman, I suppose...

End of The Glorantha Digest V5 #59

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