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From: Andrew Joelson <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 07:57:02 -0500

Alex Ferguson:
> Finally, what is the true story behind the Harstar affair, and what is
> the famous "lethargy which permeates Teshnos"?

        David Cheng asked about the Lethargy of Teshnos at the GC IV Lore Auction, so listen up! this a dollar's worth of of info, for free. The Lethargy of Teshnos is nothing more than lethargy. These people have a 'manyana' (I know I'm not spelling this right) attitude that puts the stereo-type of Latin-Americans to shame. And when all the people have this attitude, eventually the gods they worship end up the same way. Teshnos is a great place to live! Really! Nobody has to work hard, like those poor saps in Kralorela. No ferocious wild beasts, like the barren lands of Prax (where people live by preying on each other, like vultures). I'd go on, but its time for my siesta.....

Michael Cule:
> I agree entirely that RQVision != Illumination but I don't know that
> I've ever heard it authoritatively said that they couldn't be enjoyed(?)
> by one person at the same time or that a Deist mindset is required
> before Illumination.
> Remember that Arkat was raised as a Malkioni and also illuminated.

        Arkat's mother took him to the elves and raised him with their aid. He was certainly exposed to the Brithini culture (pre-dates Malkonism), but the elves had their share in his upbringing & education.

        All this aside, I am saying that the Diest mindset is the one that normally leads to Illumination, as the Malkioni normally end up with Solace, and the Kralorelan mystics normally end up with Enlightenment. There are always exceptions, (and Arkat was a walking exception to just about everything).


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