From: Mark Sabalauskas <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 12:08:21 -0400 (EDT)

David Dunham:
>In King of Sartar, it's Eurmal who offs Grandfather... As I'm sure you
>know, establishing a precise chronology for God Time is impossible.

        Of course Eurmal killed Grandfather. He did it with his favorite toy, a little dagger named Humakt.  


        (Hmmm, now let's see if I've backed up my Lie spell with enough MPs... )  

        While we're on the subject of Eurmal, I've often thought that tricksters have gotten a bit of a bad rep. I mean, sure, they're annoying, drunken, dangerous fools. But they can sometimes be useful people to have around. Even if you aren't planning on going on a lightbringers quest. As the following little drama will attempt to demonstrate:  

                The Riddler and the Fool

Tribal King: It gives me great pleasure to introduce the next contestant in our storytelling contest. The son of a stickpicker, he comes to us from distant Aldachur...  

Sneering Villain: Dupe! You repeat the lies I told to enter this sacred contest. For I am in truth a vile riddler, come to warp your minds with Gbaji's foul creed.  

Assembled Crowd: <Can this be?> <The Horror, the Horror!!!> <That's not good.> <Yum, tasty rhubarb.> <Oh, dear.> <Orlanth preserve us!>          

Sword Thanes: Prepare to die!  

Tribal King: Hold! Stay your hands. It would unlawful for us to slay him. The gods would punish us for violating the sacred laws of hospitality and the sanctity of the storytelling contest.                 

Sneering Villain: Ha ha ha! But enough gloating. Here is my story. There once was a god who asked the question....  

Trickster: Oh, dear me. I seem to have accidentally dropped a vat of boiling oil on top of this storyteller. I must remember to be more careful when I juggle.  

Sneering villain: Ouch, that smarts! Foiled, again. [dies]  

Tribal King: That was very naughty trickster. Your actions would have had dire consequences were you not outside the law. Here, take this bag of gold. Proud Yelm died, may his bright metal remind you of the death you caused today.    

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