God Learner Impact on Dara Happa, A Clue!

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Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 14:34:12 -0500

Although I'd hate to beat a dead horse and I was prepared to give into Nick's argument that the GLs had no significant direct influence on the
(pre-Lunar Empire) Pelorian religion, I found something intriguing this
morning while getting ready to come to work.

I picked up the Green Pages Entekosiad and read things at random, beginning at the back. After about 20 minutes, I wound up on the first page of text and I read that. The paragraph discusses the relation of Dendara to Entekos and the last paragraph talks about how Dara Happan priestesses how Dendara and Entekos can operate in Pelandan Entekos cults, but Pelandan Entekos priestesses cannot operate in Dara Happan cults. The author goes on to say that this is the result of the Emperor's edict regarding qualifications for Dara Happan priesthood.

Then, there's a Staffordian Editorial Comment that just shocked me. It is (paraphrased from memory): "This is how the God Learners were able to demonically exploit [the Dara Happan cults]."

Yowee! A smidgen of proof(?) that the God Learners did have direct contact with Peloria's religions and were able to manipulate
("demonically exploit") them.


Clay Luther

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