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>If you're lucky enough to have enough Healing Spells for the =

>entire quest, without stopping to rest up and get MP back, =

>good for you.

Does "time" as we know it occur on the hero plane? Do people "heal" over "time"?
Do temporal spells "expire"?
Do magic points regenerate?
Are these phenomenon experienced differently across cultures?

One model which appeals to me is:

=2EHeroquesting occurs independent of mundane time
=2ETherefore, spells are permanent
=2ETherefore, spells cast on the HP are lost
=2EAlso, MPs and HPs are not regenerated - there is some other =

mechanism of getting them back (affinity to the Magic rune?) =2ELikewise for hit points.
=2EPerhaps mini-Quests must be completed to restore lost hit =

points, magic points and spells
=2EIf you have supporters, then their interpretation of cause =

and effect causes time to pass on the mundane plane while the =

quest continues. If you have no support, you arrive back on =

the mundane plane at the moment of departure.

With problems like this to cope with, the need to make life =

on the HP fundamentally more difficult (skill/10, hypercrits =

etc.) is reduced, as life is inherently more complex.


>>Certain questions are off limits (e.g. `What is the God =

>>Learner secret?')
>Another unaswerable question is "What is the truth about =

>Nyslaor, Arkat and Gbaji?"

IIRC, "What are the seven questions" is also one!

Michael Cule
>will someone explain to me why Pavis isn't still
>the ruler of his city today.

I'm not too sure about Pavis specifically, I don't have the =

info to hand, but maybe this highlights the difference =

between HQing for personal gain, and for cultural gain. =

Maybe you have to apotheosise in order to transfer benefits =

to your kinfolk, otherwise your power stays personal and =

is lost if you croak.

Frank Giles:
>natural sonar systems have at most two receptor points, the
>ears. This greatly limits the amount of information that can =

>be collected and therefore the detail that can be descerned.

I saw on TV back in February about a japanese scientist who =

was building sonar headsets for blind people. They wore a =

small headset, and by listening to the clicks and beeps, some =

were able to ride bicycles through slalom poles, and even hit =

a baseball with a bat.

Otherwise, I love the idea of Darksense being ranged taste!


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