Duck Mini Pack II

From: SÚrgio Mascarenhas <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 10:17:16 +0100

DUCK MINI-PACK Part II - Those We Serve

Ducks revere the five Duck Friends above all gods. But there are several other gods to which ducks pay cult. They are known as Those We Serve. Those gods belong to duck mythology as gods that ducks contacted in the greater darkness and were helpful in the survival of ducks. Yet, those contacts didn't turn into friendship in the lines of the Five Duck Friends.

What is specific here is that ducks pay cult to these gods in purely duckish ceremonies independent of the cult organization of other races. That means, ducks pay cult for river gods independently of human and other races cult to the same river gods.

The most important gods considered under that label are the river gods and spirits of the Creek and Stream rivers and Issaries.

Creek and Stream Gods
The first was the river god. In fact, if ducks survived the chaos frenzy, it was not only because they did find some powerful friends, but also because the river was open to offer them shelter wen they needed. Since then ducks have lived by the Creek and offer cult to its god.

Once, when the ducks were searching for food in the bogs of the Creek, they saw someone nearby. They recognized-it as being Issaries (on its journey to join the Light Bringers). The god was trying to cross the river. Ducks decided to boat him to the other side. The short encounter was not long enough to initiate a friendship but since then Issaries accepts ducks in his following.

Sergio Mascarenhas

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