Chaotic Humakti

Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 05:28:29 -0400 (EDT)

Simon Phipp notes...

> Trotsky Writes:
> > But then, a pious Humakti would never offer worship to a chaotic
> deity
> > (especially one connected with undead), wheras, AFAIK, a pious
> can
> > worship both without a problem.
> Whyever not? There is nothing in the cult of Humakt that excludes those of
> a chaotic persuasion. In fact, it is written somewhere that Chaotics CAN
> join Humakt as long as they can keep the rigid honour code and obey the
> restrictions.

       Yes, in Cults of Prax it is noted that chaotic creatures can join the cult of Humakt. But that doesn't mean that they can still worship chaos gods. An un-Illuminated chaos whatever that somehow has enough discipline to keep the cult requirements is not going to be worshipping chaos deities without being chastised in some way. Okay...after looking again in CoP about the only anti-Chaos think noted about Humakt (beyond the need for discipline) is a note that the Humakti in Hell protect it from Chaos incursions. Still, a non-Illuminated chaos worshipping Humakti doesn't _feel_ right to me.

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