Anthem of the Bright Empire

From: Andrew Joelson <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 07:37:46 -0500

(sung to the tune of "America")

>From Dorastor, and Dragon Pass
>From Holay, Vanch and Saird

Naveria, and Pelanda
Dara Happa and Spol

	Osentalka, Osentalka
	World Council praises thee
	And crown thy good with Brotherhood
	From Rockwoods to Sweat Sea

The Humans and the Dragonewts
The Elves and Trolls and Dwarves
Telmori sly, Wind Children fly
Gold Wheel Dancers so bright

	Osentalka, Osentalka
	God Project brought forth thee
	To seat as Lord, at head of board
	For all the Realms to see

Only Old One, Golden Dragon
Isilidan the Wise
Inhuman King, Orlanthi Ring
Gonn Orta, head in sky

	Osentalka, Osentalka
	Child of the Cosmic Egg
	Bring peace and calm
	Spread divine balm
	Your blessings we all beg


"The Muse struck me the other day, but I am recovering nicely"

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