Scary duckies

Date: Sat, 2 Aug 1997 04:23:40 -0400 (EDT)

David Dunham notes....

> I didn't attend the session, but apparently Ducks are Delecti's subjects
- --
> he was probably involved in making them (the EWF did, and in my mini-LARP,
> Delecti was the Chief Scientist of the Remakers, so I view him as a very
> likely candidate). This explains how ducks are quite different from the
> Keets. Also, the reason they picked up Orlanthi culture is that, being
> created, they had no culture of their own. And since they were made in
> Dragon Pass, surrounded by Orlanthi...
> And supposedly ducks EAT undead.

      Whoa, that puts a whole different light on ducks! If ducks are originally a manufactured species as opposed to a race that offended Yelm or somebody during the Gods War, we have to do a major rethink of 'em. One big question, is Delecti actually Chaotic as I've always assumed? If ducks are the servants of a chaos being then they're pretty close to being Chaos themselves.

       Of course what I'll likely do is just ignore this all for my own games. :)

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