Trolls and Ducks

From: Simon Phipp <>
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 12:38:51 +0400

On Trolls

I missed the start of this, as some of the Digests were posted to my old account, so I may be jumping in, still never mind.

Daniel McCluskey:

> Most male trolls just don't have enough relatives (even
> enlo) to kill off five a year.

Most male troll don't, but important Rune Lords may well have many wives who pump out at least one child per year, maybe more if they are unlucky. Assuming the trolls are not magically fertile, they should have at least one clutch of enlo themselves. Even if you don't count their children (as being the father is not important) their sisters should have at least a clutch of enlo each year. If you take into account the breeding of enlo with enlo, then any of the Clan enlo count as relatives and can be gladly eaten.

Daniel on Great Trolls:

1)  They're Supposed to be Hell on Wheels.
2) They're Tough -- But Stupid.  
3)  "Well, they're just not really THAT big"  
4)  smaller & Stupid  add in Int, AND scale down the stats.  

I think that #1 is true. They are big, strong, tough and would mash normal people. However, they are Stupid, not powerful and STERILE. This makes them a dead-end for the Uz. From a Role-Playing aspect, they are a tragic race, from a power-gaming aspect they are fantastic, especially if you get a clever one and boost its INT.

Greate Trolls should not have artificailly restricted skills, IMO, no more than anyone else. They are stupid but how clever do you have to be to heave a big stick at someone? Brains are for leaders and strategists, not for the Tanks which punch holes through a shield wall.

David Weihe:

> After all, if the trollkin is successful enough to think about
> it doesn't need to (sever spirit beats a big club, and all).

Not at all, a powerful trollkin is still a trollkin. He needs to go into the Rebirth Ritual in order to be reborn a full troll. If his heart is pure then it will work, if not then at least he tried and now makes a nice snack.


Stephen Martin:
> Also, the idea of Arkat having once been a duck so appeals to me that I
> will not listen to reason, I'm afraid.
Arkat was descended from Yinkin, obviously, just say the name....

> Easy. Ducks swim, undeads don't. Ducks vs. Undead in Marsh, Ducks win.

But Undead walk under water, reach up and pull the little Duck under, STR vs STR and the duck loses and eventually drowns. Obviously, this doesn't apply to Vampires.

> is Delecti actually Chaotic as I've always assumed?
I've never thought so, either. Like Dave Dunham, I see him as amad scientist, motivated by the good of the people, protecting the people of the Upland Marsh against the Evil Golden Horde, keeping the remnants of the EWF alive and making people immortal. Doesn't even sound evil.

I can't see Ducks as having been made by Delecti, but they are his subjects and he has a duty of care.

Personally, I see the Ducks as having been one of the children of Vrimak who lived in Ganderland on the Slopes of the Spike as subjects of Yelm. Somehow they quarrelled with Yelm, Ganderland was destroyed as a result, the Ducks split up into bands and wandered Glorantha, becoming weaker and weaker. Eventually, some settled in the East Isles, some in Genertela, some elsewhere. Most groups died out but some survived. The EWF, as part of their experiments into dead races, tried to bring back the ducks (after all, centaurs and minotaurs existed before the Dawn, too) and merged the current Ducks with their own race. However, the Ducks just carried on as before, living in the land near the Creek Stream until the Evil Golden Horde attacked and Delecti made the Upland Marsh to protect his subjects.

Of course, this is totally unsupported (except that Ganderland existed and was pretty big) but that has never stopped me.

Got to go, work beckons.


Simon Phipp <>

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