From: Ingo Tschinke <tschinke_at_nord.de>
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 09:46:56 +0200

Sergio about uncle Scrooge and Carl Barks:
>The problem is that in this last case the original inspiration doesn't
>'impose' on the imagination of those - like me - that entered Glorantha
>without that previous knowledge. But what you are implying is that we are
>forced to look at ducks with the previous knowledge and emotional
>environment that Greg and you share.

Oh, it takes me wonder that you never have heard about Carl Barks. Carl Barks was first and best illustrator Walt Disney have ever had. He invented the comic idea of Donald Duck, his nephews, Daisy Duck and - Uncle Scrooge (in german we call him Onkel Dagobert). I could be possible that you must be as old as I (35) to know about Carl Barks, but I didn't think so. But at least you can say that the knowlegde about Carl Barks and Uncle Scrooge is really no private knowledge of Rick and Greg.

It would be the same if someone would take reference to J.R.R. Tolkien by talking about fantasy and you would implying him private knowledge about a guy you have never heard about.

Take a try and read the Carl Barks comics and you will understand.



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