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Date: Thu, 07 Aug 1997 16:48:59 PDT

I seem to have triggered of a minor debate about the origins of the word 'were'. I should point out that AFAIK (the source is from the alt.folklore.urban archives and so may be suspect) 'were' specifically refers to men and that the female term is 'wif'. Allegedly the word 'women' originally came about by the addition of 'wif' to 'mann' leaving the 'weremen' to misappropiate the formerly generic term 'man'.

To return this to a gloranthan context, I should expand on Andrew R.'s description of the watchwere as a caricature of Paul Keating. It is very earthy in speech and spends a lot of the time abusing people. It hangs around pig farms which it refers to as the 'arse-end of the planet'

Simon Bray mentions the Torabs of Fonrit. From what wastepaper material that I could uncover while in Seattle, I had the distinct impression that the Torabs are only to be found in Golden Kareeshtu (save in Katele) which has a more liberal tradition of slavery (this is blamed on the 'amoral' God Learners) and that Afadjanni society is more segregated along racial lines.

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