RE:Heortling culture

From: SÚrgio Mascarenhas <>
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 17:55:26 +0100

Richard, Jeff:
> The Lunar occupation has not changed the basics of Heortling culture -
> why should it? Most of the so-called "Lunars" are just northern
> Orlanthi tribesmen

What Richard says makes a lot of sense to me. It remenbered me an historian that says that people around the Mediterranean Sea ar all basically the same stock and have been the same for thousands of years. That includes their fundamental cultural traits (what they eat, how they live, family ties, etc.). Empires (greeks, romans, muslins, etc.) come and go; religions (pagans, christians, muslins) come and go; yet the basic traits remain the same.

>Trolls use clothing like anyone else, expecially to keep the Sun off when
>outdoors during the day or to keep from harm when fighting, or for
>ceremonial use.

And cloth makes a good snack when you don't have nothing else to eat. A question: we humans also eat with our eyes; does the darksense perception of food contribute to the pleasure that trolls get from eating?

Sergio Mascarenhas

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