Female Telmori & DragonPass

From: Thomas Gottschall <Telmori_at_t-online.de>
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 1997 15:34:21 +0200

Hi everyone,

Jane Williams wrote about the possibility that female Telmori could have their manses synchronized with the wolves. And Joerg doubted this.

I think while female Telmori have human bodies they could have their manses shifted so that now they have them in the time as she-wolves. Since they live their whole life with the wolves (perhaps they have no wolfbrothers but wolfsisters). They would be able to do this.

Simon Phipp says:
>Has anyone tried using the Dragonewts as emissaries to Delecti in
>Dragon Pass? They are perfect as they come back again. (We play that
>the souls are not re-animated, only the bodies). Another gross
perversion >of the rules by people in our gaming circle.

Say everyone who tried this that they just missed rule (14.2.1) : Every lunar or sartarite unit can be an emmisairy. However units of allies can't be used that way.

But try to shield your Delecti with those little 2*-2-4 and 2**-4-6 Dragonewt units and let them die. They actually make delighting zombies.

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