Parallells & menses, again

From: Nils Weinander <>
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 08:14:16 +0200

> And on another subject, Nils (I think) said:
> > As for alternative parallells, I have always thought
> > of the praxians beings somewhat like the nomad peoples
> > of central Asia (kazak, kirghiz, turkmen etc) rather
> > than native americans.
> I thought that was the Pentans..?

No, they are mongol-y.

> It would be interesting to find out what, if anything determines the
> magical cycle through the weeks, yes. But I find it very hard to believe
> that the menstrual cycle causes it. Is affected by it, to some extent,
> yes: I'd wouldn't be surprised at tie-ins with Fertility week and Death
> week.

On the other hand, those week names are only present in the Theyalan calendar. Other cultures use other calendars, presumably with other magical tie-ins.

No I don't, as yet, have a better suggestion.

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