RE: Carl Fink

From: SÚrgio Mascarenhas <>
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 1997 11:07:59 +0100

> Well, IMO they'd (1) have their own Hunter god, like *every other hunting
> culture in Glorantha*. Why would they borrow a troll god?
(1) "They" means ducks.
Good point. Now tell me, why did they borrow human gods - Orrlanthi pantheon, why not a full duck pantheon? IMO your point of view is strongly biased towards humans: You can accept that they have human gods but not troll's.

> If anything they'd have some weird remnant bird-hunter, a relic of the
> Godtime.

Speaking about birds hunters in the god time: before the darkness they would be hunters BUT when the darkness came the hunters became the hunt. IMO bird hunters suffered severelly with the darkness. A bird hunter relies almost exclusively on sight to hunt; sight relies on light; take out the light, bye-bye bird hunter.
Some birds - those that hunt at night - prospered of course. Which is BTW a very good question: did such birds turn to darkness or are they sun worshipers, a sort of sentinels of the sun at night? What about ducks ? After the curse the hunting skills of hunting birds became unuseful to them since they can no longer fly. Which means IMO that I don't see what kind of 'weird remnant bird-hunter' they would worship.


Sergio Mascarenhas

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