Changing Games and Muses

From: Michael Cule <>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 10:43:16 GMT

Guy Hoyle on AH's RQ plans.

> > Which is not good news. How the hell are they planning to maintain backward
> > compatibility if they are going to change the number of stats. Oy Oy Oy!
> They don't have to; all the previous Gloranthan RQ material is out of
> print, and the rest didn't ever sell very well. So AH is starting
> all over again, basically keeping only the name RuneQuest. They
> figure that most RuneQuest fans will follow Glorantha. Their concern
> is to draw in enough new gamers to make RQ financially viable.

Buffoons, blaggards and gibbering lunatics! I'm intermittently involved in two games run using RQ3 that aren't Gloranthan based. And even when the new Gloranthan game comes out I might well continue to use RQ. Oh, dear god why did such a good system have to end up in the hands of damn fools with no damn experience of writing role-playing games?

And don't they know that there are already plenty of other systems on the market? They are going to have to work very hard to establish a brand new system: no-one is going to be fooled by just keeping the name RUNEQUEST. Experienced gamers will always ask: how much effort is it going to be for me to convert to the new version? Damnit I know of people who won't play anything but RQ2!  

> Actually, a Crusades-era game sounds pretty good to me, though you
> might have some political-correctness issues. I was always sorry
> that Fantasy Earth didn't take off more.

I agree with that.

By the way, and on a completely different topic: I was pondering on the name MUSE ROOST. Does anyone know off hand who the Gloranthan Muses are and which pantheon they come from? I'd guess they might be Solar deities but I can't bring them to mind at this instant.

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