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Hy Gloranthans,

Kevin wrote:
As to the distinctions between tribes in Prax I would suggest that they are less than might be expected. One of the primary occupations of the male Praxians is planning and executing raids to carry off female Praxians from other tribes. So there is a pretty constant interbreeding between the tribes.
The only exception might be the impala people. I'm not certain that an Impala can carry an male impala rider and a normal sized adult female.

Me: Yes, there is interbreeding. No, I didn't do what Nick is going to accuse me of. THE major exception is Morokanth. They usually don't carry off women from other tribes for such purposes, and the others usually don't carry off Morokanth women for those purposes. I did know a very nice young Moro-woman with whom I got along very nicely, but that's none of your business, ahem. Many men of the Bison, Llama, and Sable groups find Impala-women very attractive, but there is still only just so much interbreeding. Bison-men tend to have much more facial-hair than the others, and Sable-men usually have very little or no facial-hair. I'm going to bed now to dream about...er, well. Never mind. Happy Raiding and Carrying Off! Daniel

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