Troll Music

Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997 13:35:07 -0500 (CDT)

I've always been of the opinion that traditional Troll music is basically Taiko drumming. Anyone who's ever seen the Kodo drum troop knows what I'm talking about. Drums made out of entire tree trunks pounded on with baseball bats. When one of my PC groups wanted to allie a troll tribe, I sent them on a Mastadon hunt. The trolls wanted an entire skin (with as few marks as possible) to re-cover one of their Redwood Tree drums (ten feet across, played by Great Trolls with Troll Mauls). Needless to say, when the PCs returned with not one, but two hides (one of which had no wounds on it at all), the Uz treated them to a hell of a concert.

I like the rap idea though. It's fun. Also, speed metal, industrial, jungle house. Anything loud with lots of drums. The Stomp sound track works well as troll music.

And of couse, I'm still partial to Pink Floyd as an Uz band:

DAYTIME (to the tune of "Money")

Daytime, get away!
Rip the damn Sun down, blot it out, today! Daytime, hurts my eyes
Yelm ruined Wonderland, made Hurtplace! Curse the skies. Lead maul, lead mace, full lead platemail, Think I'll go on the waaaaartrail.

Daytime, get back!
Gentle darkness, shade me, keep it off my track. Daytime, go away!
Give us Uz a safe place tooooo play.
I'm in the dark, robed in shadow, a nightmare that haunts the glade. I think I need a large Shade.

Darkness, time will come
When mighty Night once more will blot out the Sun Darkness, so they say
Will someday come to rule over theeee day. 'Til then I'll stalk and slay, hide and kill, Murder and run away... away... away.... awaaaaay... Away... away... awaaaay... ooooooo


AA: We love the dark.
ZZ: Yeah, absolutely.  We certainly do love the dark.
KL: Those surface men are cruisin' for a bruisin'


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