Aggar & Headhunting

From: David Millians <>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 17:03:35 -0400 (EDT)

>Bravo to David Millians' Aggarite headhunters! Tell me more about your setting!

        After talking with a number of people in Victoria, I shall be sharing some of the campaign info that I've developed. But I'm sure everyone knows what happens when one comes back to game materials for a new look. Everything needs a bit of buff and polish, and elements have changed as we've played.

>>But then aren't so many of the bad things in the world, at
>>least as far as Orlanthi are concerned, simply branches of the Storm
>>Clan gone awry?
>There are sufficient amounts of evil outside of the Storm tribe - predark,
>the "giants" of the initiation ritual (standing in for gods of other, enemy

        Sure, there's plenty out there, but Orlanthi just seem to be so good at homebrewing much of their own trouble above and beyond what the world throws at them.

>I am fairly convinced that there are savage Orlanthi clans, or just family
>groups, between the peaks of the Storm Mountains of Heortland and western
>Prax, practicing (or having expertise in) very primitive customs. They are
>a far call from the traditional Orlanthi clans in Sartar and hill-land
>Heortland, let alone civilized Hendrikiland, or the Sartarite cities. Aggar
>highlands are another fine place to look for such chaps, but they would be
>Pelorian Heortlings rather than Manirian, if only due to the Dragonkill

        In my Aggar, the (primarily) women's cults of Orinalda and Agga Gor maintained many traditions, and the latter is probably one of the primary origins of headhunting anyway.

        More to come.

        David Millians

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