Broos & rape (& mermen)

From: Nils Weinander <>
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 00:20:02 +0200

David Cake:
> transformation is at least greatly lessened. So really, I'm talking about
> lessening subjectivity - whats important is not the act of rape (a moral
> judgement about a particular sexual act, albeit a relatively unambiguous
> one in most circumstances) but the mindset of the one that carries it out.

Just for the record, rape is an act of violence, _not_ sexuality (in the real world at least). The objective, the mindset, of the rapist is dominating and humiliating the victim, not sexual pleasure. Yes that's a broad generalization.

> Teshnan coast. Perhaps even in the image of Seapolis... What kind of mermen
> frequent the Teshnan west coast? Still Ludoch, or already Zabdamar?

Too far from the Sea of Fog for Zabdamar.

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