Campaign Location

From: Pasanen Panu <>
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 00:04:08 +0300 (EET DST)

> Since you say you aren't concerned with the location of the campaign,
> perhaps you're also not concerned about the time period? If so, pre-Lunar

 It would help, if I did not have to make foreign politics from a scratch.  And besides, I would have to adjust everything just a little bit to be  true to my perfectionist Gloranthaphile me.. Urgh.

> Dara Happa, or better yet, Carmania seem like good choices. TOTRM#16 has some
> stuff on Carmania and both the Western dominated and Spolite periods seem to
> fit with your requirements. There's more on the Western period, and it has
> the potential for more different cultures being involved, so I'd go for that

 Carmanian opression is fine, but I am looking for a guild structure,  where poor mans son can become a wealthy and prosperous man, if he  devotes his life to guild-politics. I want to opress the PC's, but  leave 'em a way out of it...

> 2) Seshnela. The Rokari Malkioni oppress just about everyone who lives here.
> Factions are likely to be in the form of noble houses, many of which are

 As I mentioned above, I want to give power to the masses, in a cleverly  disguised and relatively harmless form.

> The down side is the absence of a wide range of cults (although there may
> well be underground heresies), although whether that's a problem depends on

 The cults might be just what I am looking for, as these are sort of  guilds, and certainly used for personal prosper.

> 3) Fonrit. There hasn't been much officially published on this area (not

 No thanks, I still look for a city-, or at least a town-centered  campaign.. but I am in no hurry. Actually, I would have located the  campaign on Earth, where nazi's won the 2nd world war, based on  Finnish sourcebooks: 'Prisoners of Silence' and 'Sometimes it is Better  to Stay Quiet', but I have spent serious money on Glorantha-books and  I think I will have to do with them!-)

 Panu 'Passo' Pasanen.

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