Elf-ruled humans

From: Joerg Baumgartner <joe_at_toppoint.de>
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 97 22:50 MET DST

James Frusetta

>Offhand, how 'bout humans ruled over by *elves*? Trolls leave you alone,
>mostly, as long as you give 'em big heaps of food.* You could always set a
>campaign set after the beginning of the Elf Reforestation of Fronela. The
>vile Elven Barksists would set about to radically alter human society to
>further their ecological plans, slaughtering those who fail to fall into
>line. Human rebels would be forced to fight within a growing Elf forest,
>where the forces of Greenery would be able to turn the very woods against
>them. Nasty, nasty.

Somewhere in Fronela - southern Oranor, or some area still under the Ban? A port just south of Winterwood?

Elf overlords are also possible in Vralos (in Umathela, with brown elf rulers), or Maslo (yellow elves), or unknown ("Blank Land"...) Lalia in Ralios (Erontree is nearby, and the elves might give protection against Guhan), or forgotten cities in Jrustela (big choice: Vadeli or brown elf overlords), or jungle-encased cities in Fethlon.

The Amber Coast on the Elf Sea didn't seem so oppressive, but who knows about other parts in that region? (New Lolon Gospel 2...) The entire Arcos region is _dominated_ by horse barbarians, but populated by peoples who knew cities even before the Pentans knew stirrups.

Even western Peloria might yield such (small) places - Arir seems to have potentially elf-populated forests northwest of Yolp, and Anadikki might as well. TFS tells of Reforestation attempts in the Second Age. Why not later as well? Lunar bureaucrats with leaves instead of hair?

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