Lunar Sylphs

From: Joerg Baumgartner <>
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 97 00:22 MET DST

Andrew Joelson complained:
> Why doesn't the Lunar Empire's Cult of the Young Elementals provide
>Lunar-types with air elementals/Sylphs?

Because Prince Storm wasn't yet formed when the formation of the YE was interrupted. Thus: no young wind element...

> In the old RQ system, I believe that the reason was partly game
>balance; Lunars got Lunes instead. And the terriffic mobility advantages
>given by the Orlanthi access to air/storm magic helped to balance out other
>Lunar advantages. It also helped differentiate the onew side from the
>other; they didn't both have the same magics.
> But I don't see that this follows mythicly, or even logicaly.
>The newer revalations of GRoY, FS, and particularly the Entekosiad show
>that air goddesses, speficily Molanni and Entekos, are well known in
>Peloria. Is it beyond the power of these goddesses to grant Sylphs?

Yes. What would you want a still air elemental for? Molanni is air without movement. Entekos is not sufficiently elementally connected - she is a deity of earth, air, sky, whatever, not exclusively enough for any one of them.

>You'd think the Lunars would work out a way to get air magics from
>these cults, in order to fight the Orlanthi barbarians in Sartar!

The point to their fight in Sartar is to overcome the rebellious wind with the (DHan) righteous forces, so to use air would be counterproductive. (Funny that they don't have an inhibition WRT chaos, but that's the sky worshippers for you... Question: which realm is the direct neighbour of Dayzatar's realm? Answer: the Bright Void)

>to mention the possibility of getting these magics from the 'Lunarized'
>Orlanthi dwelling in the Empire & its allies, from Bilinni to Talastar.

The best source. If the Lunars want sylphs, they'll get them from Orlanth. If they want to fight Orlanth, no sylphs for the nasty Loonies...

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