comments to Martin Laurie

From: David Cake <>
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 08:26:54 +0800

Martin Laurie said (after removal of the = plague)
>Just because a Praxian knows that Genert is GONe doesn't mean that
>he actually existed in the first place. His lack of existance as anything
>other than a myth to explain the horrible terrain in Prax is seems far
>more likely to me than this big giantish guy getting killed by chaos

        Which would tend to beg the question of where those lumps of dead Genert that are discovered from time to time come from. I think you are drawing a long bow on the 'Genert is just a story' idea.

>Er... Lunars don't dislike Valind?

        I'm with you Martin. Lunars acknowledge Valinds existence, but that doesn't mean in general they like him. Suppression of the power of Valind via the Kallikos quest is a great Lunar project, after all, can't imagine anyone that tries to strengthen Valind being too popular.

> Who are the Lunars anyway? Are they
>some specialised group that lives in a special place or are they people in
>every part of the Empire with their own biases based on culture and

        Actually, the Red Goddess cult probably are very much in agreement on matters of doctrine (due to the efforts of the Examiners to maintain the orthodoxy), and probably are just about everywhere. But they are such a tiny minority they don't make a whole lot of difference (and the non-Red Goddess Lunars probably don't understand what the Red Goddess ones are on about, with their blathering about Gerra and Natha and Veritherusa).



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