Oops! Shannon's comments, RQIV

From: Chris Bell <remster_at_ns1.interport.net>
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 23:06:04 -0400 (EDT)

In my last post, I forgot to make comments about what Shannon wrote... My apologies.

Shannon, thanks for your comments and updates about the II stuff and the situation with Avalon Hill. I agree, what exactly happens during Sacred Time and such is the great weakness of RQ 2 and 3. I always imagined it as a controlled, somewhat safe trip into the GodTime, where the worshipper becomes Orlanth or whatever God he or she is worshipping, and faces that deities conflicts and resolutions of the Greater Darkness and *IS* the deity as he or she takes their part in resurrecting the world and beginning Time, starting the new year. Normally, the mysteries are not deviated from and the worshipper's participation is not that deep (ie - you're one of the citizens of Yelm's Empire or a member of the Wyter of Orlanth's stead, and you begin time in the support of and under the guidance of your God. For Priests and Lords, you *are* the God, fighting the deity's battles, etc.) At the I Fought We Won stage, ALL worshippers become their God or culture hero, being the lone hero against Chaos and the death of the world. I always envisioned the Sacred Time as a period where the normal rules of time were suspended and where the world as a whole enters the Otherworld, a place of visions, journeys and omens, as Myth is not merely re-enacted, but re-experienced and re-lived/re-performed. If mortal worshippers are disturbed during these rites, things can get VERY bad, as the very nature of the world is in the balance. However, as most everyone is engaged in Sacred Time Ceremonies, the only conflicts are those that are called for by Myth - IE... Orlanth's challenges on the LBQ, Yelmalio and Zorak Zoran at the Hill of Gold, etc.

Is this ANYWHERE near how other RQ players envisage Sacred Time? :)

Also... Since RQIV is obviously a dead durulz, er, keet, er, ahem :), does anyone have a printed or online copy of the AIG rules that they would let me take a look at? Shannon, are there still copyright issues and fair use quandries concerning RQIV - AIG? Trust me, I'm not about to run out and sell bootleg copies of RQ playtest rules... :)

One last note... how many Digest subscribers are in the NY/NJ Tri-state area? I am desperately fiending to play RQ! ALL my gamer friends are World of Darkness or D&D freaks. Ah, to walk the plains of Prax again...:)

Blessings of Hrestol upon you, who teaches us the Joys of the Heart. May you all know Solace.

Chris Bell

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