Dalai Lama of Kethaela

From: Frederic Ferro <ferro_at_clipper.ens.fr>
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 1997 19:13:19 +0100 (MET)

Joerg once mentioned in the Vol. 3 (the Vadeli Volume) of this List that the 1616 Tourney of Luck and Death was strange in its outcome *and its cause*.
Is it because the body occupied by "John Carter" was not yet "worn out" ? Was the Pharoah "obliged" to do the Quest with the Red Guardians ?

Was the date of the Tourney always in the Earth Season or the Sacred Times ? Could the "host" Avatar be sometimes a Dark Troll or a Ludoch ? Could anybody participate to the Tourney or were the candidates selected by the Godking ?

If the Godking could have children, I suppose Thaumazopolis (the City of Wonders) was full of hybrid "Angelic Princes" with exotic magics. Belintar could sire many generations in 300 years with the Queens of Esrolia. The Six Magic Bridges could be kept by Six Princes. Did anyone try a (RPG) visit to one of these magic places like the Loon Island before Harrek's raid (or Glamour) ? What kind of "tricks" could be used to suggest to the players the unearthly weirdness of such a plane ? I could put sylphs and undines everywhere but I don't want to describe a caricature of fantasy zoos.

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