From: David Cake <davidc_at_cyllene.uwa.edu.au>
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 04:43:54 +0800

>We've a new PC starting as a Kolating. Does anyone have any hints,
>tips, or points to add flavour to this character? There seems to be
>remarkably little about the Father of Winds.

        Kolatings are shamans. Accordingly, don't put too much emphasis on Kolat himself - its his thousands of children they deal with, plus lots of other spirits as well.

        So the best way to make a Kolating interesting is to give them lots of lots of interesting wind spirits that they know of, know how to summon, or whatever. Make these spirits interesting. Spirits of mountain winds that are so cold that they caus hit point damage to those in spirit combat with them, like Shades do. Spirits of summer breezes that have the power to restore people energy. Spirits that owe allegiance to Orlanth, or other wind deities, complete with divine magic, but that are willing to talk to the Kolating and might help him in certain endeavours. And so on. A few ideas along these lines are listed in the article on the Far Point area in Questlines. Give them a few spirits that are friendly, a few that will work for good rewards, and a few that are hostile, not to the point of all out attack, but can be convinced to work against common enemies (or pumped for information, or whatever). Make the shamans job a lot about roleplaying his connections to the many spirits (wind and otherwise) that he can contact.

        A few spirit cults for Kolating are another logical area. The extensive Praxian and Troll spirit cults add a lot to shamans of that culture, so a few Sartarite spirit cults would help flesh out Kolating considerably. Anyone got a list?



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