chatting with Stephen

From: David Cake <>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 18:21:13 +0800 (WST)

[Babeestor Gor assassin using Hide Wealth to hide her weapon]
> Her Axe hidden with Hide Wealth won't do her a lot of good as an
> assassin, since she'll have to go back outside to dig it out of the
> ground. :)

        And thats not useful? Obviously you haven't seen enough of the right movies, you hide the weapon before hand so that it can mysteriously appear after you have already passed the pat down search.

> >The original trip to Teshnos was a sea voyage carried out during the
> >Closing -- a bit of a continuity cock-up. I doubt there will be many
> >serendipities if the campaign timeline has survived... :-(
> Actually, this is not true -- when I brought this problem up, Greg looked
> at me like I was stupid, and said that of course Tarkalor went across
> Prax to Teshnos. Makes for an interesting parallel with Argrath --
> Tarkalor of Prax -- I can just see him riding a high llama!

        Aha, more evidence to back up Peter Metcalfes crazed and inspired 'Sun Dome Somash heresy' theory. The hazia smokin', kaftan wearin' Somash fanatics of Sun Dome live on!



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