Adamantium and truestone

From: Pasanen Panu <>
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 23:53:48 +0200 (EET)

> Admantium is to Truestone as gold is to gold ore; well, in _Cults Of
> Prax_ it says that the dwarves have a way of "refining" Truestone into
> Admantium so I figure that''s roughly the relationship. Given that, I'd
> figure that it has the properties of Truestone and then some; possibly
> weaker chaos beasts would die simply by touching an admantium item.

 Adamantium cancels magics totally when touched; at least Griffin Island  suggests so. Like superb non-enchanted iron. I'd say that refining is  a long-term process, equivalent in difficulty to HQ'ing. Adamantium  is so hard to get that I know of no Gloranthan hero who would have  an adamantium arrowtip or a piece of it. Killing chaos beasts is  a property of item of Law, for example truestone from Spike. When  Law is processed, it is no longer Law. I do not know what it is,  though. The effect and logics propose Disorder.

 The opinions have been changed to protect the innocent.

 Panu 'Passo' Pasanen.

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